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  • Fairy Tale Review Fairy-Tale Files: Once Upon a Microchip

    Illustration of fairy tale looking robot queen in pink and purple with a crown “In ‘A Toy Princess,’ a fairy tale from the 1877 collection On a Pincushion by English writer Mary de Morgan, an emotional and expressive princess named Ursula grows up in a kingdom of such incredible politeness that its subjects have demonized almost any form of empathy or feeling.”

  • Race Against the Machine by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee

    Race Against the Machine is only 5 chapters long, but it provides perhaps the most cogent explanation yet for how technology can lead to both incredible productivity gains and an increasing divide between classes.

  • The Jobs Problem: Discuss

    Last time I offered a few suggestions about what you and I can do about the jobs problem, being that this is a problem of demographics and technology, and you and I are technology enthusiasts. Local, national, and global discussions that FINALLY places demographics and technology in their rightful, primary positions. Here is what I […]

  • The Jobs Problem

    Last week’s jobs report from the United States Department of Labor was HORRIFIC, but this is not a problem of politics or ideology problem; it is a problem of demographics and technology: Outsourcing and globalization have spread wealth globally, from hundreds of millions of people to billions. Significant numbers of baby boomers are retiring some 5-10 […]