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Flash Monster 2020 Short List

My flash fiction story “A Bird Watcher’s Guide to Malformed and Buzzing Things” earned a spot on the close-but-no-cigar shortlist shout-outs for the annual Flash Monster contest from The Molotov Cocktail!

Flashpocalypse Short List

My flash fiction story “The Canal” was shortlisted for The Molotov Cocktail’s latest quarterly flash contest: Flashpocalypse!

New Short Story: “The Yogurt Swimmer” in Coppice & Brake

Cover of Coppice & Brake edited by Rachel A. Brune with illustrated frame with crows on top around image of thin trees in snow

“A snout breaks the surface of Greek yogurt in the thirty-two-ounce container I have freshly opened and set on the counter. It sniffs cautiously, then sneezes and sprays yogurt everywhere. I yell. It pokes its entire head out and chirps.”

Cold Creek Review crop with lake and trees in winter scene

New Short Story: “The Center of Dirty” in Cold Creek Review #5

Screen shot of Cold Creek Review website with title of publication and an wintery creek and forest scene on 28 March 2018

“Rachel hung up on her mother while she was telling Rachel about her niece’s birthday party. The abrupt silence was packed with glass. Rachel stared at the dark screen of her phone until the greasy prints bothered her. She wiped the phone across her jeans and set it face down on the table. It rang. She brushed at crumbs.”