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Frontier Channel is now defunct. All the articles can be found in the “Frontier Channel‘ category or in the archives. The podcast, RADIO Frontier Channel, can be found here.

The Frontier Channel website edited by Richard Leis provided news and commentary about the “Great Frontiers of cyberspace, outer space, the ocean, and destinations in between.” Frontier Channel frequently covered digital media, planetary science, transhumanism, and emerging technologies like artificial general intelligence (AGI), the Metaverse, nanotechnology, radical life extension, cybernetics, the Technological Singularity, and mind uploading.


Since the late 1990s the site has undergone a few name change and several redesigns. Frontier Channel was primarily a static HTML news site from 2004 through 2006, with an emphasis on planetary science. I also briefly hosted RADIO Frontier Channel, a podcast. During the summer of 2007, I merged Frontier Channel with my Cybernudism transhumanist blog and migrated to WordPress, a content management system.

By December 28, 2008, various pieces had come together to relaunch Frontier Channel with an improved design, including ads, a donation page, better readability, and a new effort to begin updating old entries with minor fixes, new headers, and their original images (lost during the transition to WordPress.) In 2009, I retired the Coppermine Photo Gallery software as WordPress made key improvements in media management.

In 2014, I merged Frontier Channel with the blog on my personal website.

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